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Electric Can Openers Hand Free Can Opener Smooth Edge Can Openers That Work Electric Kitchen Restaurant Can Opener Automatic One-Circle Switch Opening Gadget for Chef Senior Arthritis -Upgraded-B088T9F1KZ

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Product Code: B088T9F1KZ
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  • /※Upgraded Electric Can Opener※/ This JOKOO Black HK Electric Can Opener has been upgraded based on all the feedback we received before, mostly on the circuit inside, which ensuring it’s functioning well, and on the quality itself, reducing the risk of being broken and malfunctioning. Thank you all for choosing us. Please refer to the images, points and descriptions first to learn the product before purchasing. If you need further product support, feel free to contact us 24/7.

  • /※Powerful Motor※/ Powered by 2*AA batteries (Not Included). Driven by the powerful motor, the Gear will guide the Blade to cut along the can (regular can ONLY; NO pressurized cans) rim. (Slide back the bottom cover to remove or install 2xAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity (+/-) instruction. DO NOT mix and use used & new batteries!)

  • /※Hand Free Operation※/ Good for disabled people or people with RSI or arthritis. Just one press of the Start Button and release. The jokoo automatic can opener will cut by itself in one go and will stop automatically after cutting. (The Max can size that can be fully cut in one go is 90mm (3.5”) diameter. If the lid of a bigger can needs to be removed completely, press the Start Button again and let it go once it resumes cutting. And again, it will stop automatically after cutting.)

  • /※Easy to Reverse※/ If jammed (low battery level or a deformed can rim), push and hold the black Reverse Button at the bottom rear down continuously to release the can. Keep the Reverse Switch depressed until the can opener stops; or use a 4 or 5 mm cross-head (or flat) screwdriver to turn the motor in a counter clockwise direction to release the can if batteries depleted.

  • /※Regular Cutting Edge※/ The built-in magnet will hold and keep the lid stay with the opener when lift it off the can. The magnetic force (though little) is strong enough to absorb the light-weighted lid (handle with care when lifting). The regular cutting make it possible to use the lid again sealing the can. 24/7 Online Service!

  • Product description

    Best Choice of Household Kitchen Gadget for Arthritis, Senior and Chef -Can Openers that Work Electric -Upgraded


    Read all instructions carefully before using it. Keep the Manual for reference in the future.



    A. Always keep hands, hair, jewelry, clothing, etc away from moving parts during operation to prevent injury, and/or damage to the Can Opener;

    B. Close supervision is necessary when the kitchen can opener is used by or near children;

    C. DO NOT open cans of flammable liquids such as lighter fluids;

    D. DO NOT open pressurized (aerosol-type) cans;

    E. DO NOT try to remove the cutter crew;

    F. NOT suitable for the dishwasher;

    G. Cans with heavy seams, odd shapes, or uneven rims may stall the can opener (not suggested);

    ---For more details, please refer to the Manual.

    How to use:

    1. Check-Press and hold the Can Detect Switch to check if the electric can openers work properly (You will see the whole process of cutting and ending in minutes -Be Patient); finally, the Blade will be back to normal position;

    2. Place the can opener electric on top of the can with its rim positioned in the groove at the bottom of the can opener;

    3. Place the rim of cans between the blade and gear, then press and hold the Start Button for one sec and release; the can opener will start on its own and cut the rim off; it will stop automatically after cutting;

    4. Check the cut lid first and lift the lid with the can opener slowly; make sure that the lid is absorbed by the build-in magnet;

    Technical Specifications:

    Operate Voltage: DC2.4-3V;

    Battery: 2xAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries;

    Max can size of cutting in one cycle: diameter 90mm (3.5”) (preferred) (A bigger can needs more cycles);


    1*Electric Can Opener (Batteries Not Included);


    Legal Disclaimer

    A. The Electric Can Opener is intended for household use only! B. Please read the instructions first before using!

    Electric Can Openers Hand Free Can Opener Smooth Edge Can Openers That Work Electric Kitchen Restaurant Can Opener Automatic One-Circle Switch Opening Gadget for Chef Senior Arthritis -Upgraded-B088T9F1KZ

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