Land Beyond Location Exhibition Install (2019) 

Hard Blows (2019)

Soft Blow, Folded (2019) Installation 

Folded (2019) Still from film featuring Katie Hagen. 

Touching/Touched (2018) Still from film series

Hard Blow (2019) Pewter Cast

Without A Doubt (2017) Photograph of clay sculpture

Tweaking A Curve (2017) Still from film

(2017) Still from installation

In Site (2017)

In Site exhibition with Laura McIntyre paintings 

In Site (2017)

2017 beginnings

2017 beginnings

Installation (2016)


Points Between (2016)

Points Between detail (2016) 

To catch the moment of the point between, a moment essential to the before and after but a becoming that is momentary and often skimmed over. This piece works to highlight this liminal space through an understanding of what is becoming and observing the moment before. A simple observation demonstrated through a basic functional piece. The cushions are supported by the plastic pipes and the pipes are held in place with the support of the cushions. This co-dependence which holds the piece in place also holds it in a state of self resolve, where sometimes it is simply enough to observe this co-existence.

Sky Blue (2016) 

So now we turn to the thing we call colour

The words we put in front of the title of the object

The RED or the BLUE or the PURPLE or the PINK

That in a tin

Before applied to make the thing have a colour

Is the object of paint

However the ease to transfer this object

To hold the colour of the stuff in the tin

Is almost too much of an ease

So lets make those things that need a name a colour

 And we will call them the colour thing

A Meal Of Relatives And Relations (2016)

A Meal Of Relatives And Relations features wood turned MDF plates and wine glasses. The simplistic nature of the objects allows them to exist as blanks, open for viewer’s thoughts to be projected onto. Attention is drawn to these objects placement within the space and away from the conversations between people that arise at this setting. 

A Need To Satisfy (2016)

To touch with a tenderness, attentiveness

Sensitivity ingrained within us

A need to satisfy

A want to disrupt

To be the disrupter of something so solid

And so

To understand human nature

To comprehend the urge of sense

To make sense of what makes sense

For then we understand

And become the master of the thing that we think makes sense

But then it all falls through

With intent

To disrupt

To dissatisfy

And to discontinue

As to touch with a tenderness

Sensitivity to a rhythm

ingrained within us

A need to satisfy

A want to disrupt

Felt Projection (2016)

Orange (2015)

Hoverly (2015)

Zoo Boats (2015)

Occupy/Belong (2015)

Red (2015)

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